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Last 5 Trades

28-03-2017 09:39    0.7 BTC @ 67600
28-03-2017 08:08    0.6 BTC @ 68000
28-03-2017 08:08    0.2 BTC @ 68000
28-03-2017 08:08    0.4 BTC @ 68100
28-03-2017 08:08    0.1 BTC @ 68110

BTCXIndia is India's leading Bitcoin Exchange providing real time trading between bitcoins and rupees.

With a large and ever growing volume, BTCXINDIA aims to provide India's most liquid market for trading Bitcoin, allowing you to enter and exit positions seamlessly.

The chart above provides a visual representation of the trades that have been made on the market and is continuously updated in real time. You can use this live information to study the market, gain insight into trends in the BTC to INR trading price and act on the information for profit.

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