1. What crypto tokens do you offer?

We offer Ripple at present. Going forward more crypto tokens will be added to the set/list. Our customers will be duly notified when we launch a new crypto token for trade.

2. What is Ripple?

Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), currency exchange and remittance network by Ripple.

Some sources of information about Ripple:
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ripple_(payment_protocol)
- https://ripple.com/xrp-portal/


3. Where is my wallet located?

Your wallet is located in the following path:
The wallet address can be found at the bottom of the page

4. How can I transfer INR to my wallet?

- Go to: BTCXIndia>Wallet>Deposits

- Transfer the INR to the bank account shown in the Deposits page

- Your amount will be reflected in your wallet

5. Can I hold multiple wallets with BTCXIndia?

- You can hold ONLY one wallet with BTCXIndia

6. How can I transfer XRP from my wallet to another wallet?

- Go to: BTCXIndia>Wallet>Withdrawal

- Click the dropdown menu under Type of Request

- Choose XRP

- Type the beneficiary/receiver wallet dress

- Enter the desired XRP that needs to be transferred

- Enter the withdrawal confirmation code

- Click the Submit button

7. How to transfer XRP from another wallet?

- Go to: BTCXIndia.com>Wallet>Deposits

- Copy the address available under 'For XRP Deposits'

- Use this address to transfer XRP from any other walle

8. I have deposited INR but it is not shown in my wallet?

- When you transfer INR to BTCXIndia, the XRP credits into your wallet will be processed from 8 AM to 8 PM(Monday to Saturday).

- Please note that NEFT and IMPS transactions takes T+1 (T=Transaction date plus next day) for the funds to get credited into BTCXIndia's account and also Please enter the payment details in the Deposit Submission page in the Wallet. In case your amount is not reflected in your wallet within the stipulated time as mentioned above, then please contact BTCXIndia support by mailing your transaction slip or a screenshot of the transaction to support@btcxindia.com.

9. What time does it take the deposited XRP reflect in my wallet?

- Your XRP will be reflected in your wallet with immediate effect.

10. Can I store my XRP in BTCXIndia's wallet on long term? What are the charges?

- You can store your XRP on long term basis in BTCXIndia's wallet. No charges levied.


11. What documents should I provide for KYC?

- ID Proof(Any one of Driver License, PAN Card, Indian Passport, Aadhar Card)

- Address proof(Any one of Driver's license, Electricity bill, Telephone bill, Indian passport and Aadhar card)

- Photo with signature

12. Is PAN mandatory for registration?

- Yes. PAN is mandatory.

13. I am having a problem with uploading my KYC documents

- While uploading the documents, ensure that the type and size of the files are as follows:

File type : JPG, PNG and PDF

Size: Below 2 MB


14. I am not able to login to my account.

- Ensure that your email ID and the associated Client ID are correct

- Ensure that there are no white spaces in the email ID and the Client ID

- In case of any other difficulty, contact BTCXIndia Support

15. Can I hold multiple accounts with BTCXIndia?

- No. An individual can hold only one account with BTCXIndia

16. Can I have multiple bank accounts linked with my BTCXIndia account?

- No. Only one bank account can be linked with your BTCXIndia account

17. What is ClientID and how can I obtain one?

- Client ID is the ID associated with your BTCXIndia account

18. How to find my Client ID?

- When you sign up for an account with BTCXIndia a mail is sent for the activation of your account. The Client ID will be available in the mail. In can you have not received a mail, please contact BTCXIndia Support.

19. I forgot my Client ID.

- Please contact BTCXIndia Support.

20. What is Enable Passcode?

- Passcode is a safety feature that adds an extra layer of security to access your funds

- To create a Passcode, go to:BTCXIndia.com>Wallets>Enable Passcode

- Your passcode should consist at least one upper case letter, one special character and one numeral.

21. I forgot my Passcode. Can I retrieve it?

- Passcode cannot be retrieved once lost.

22. I want to change the bank details or mobile number associated with my account.

- Please contact BTCXIndia Support by sending a mail with the details.

23. I want to change the bank details and mobile number at the same time. Is it possible?

It is not possible to change the bank details and the mobile number associated with your BTCXIndia account at the same time. A window of five working days is required to change the details.

XRP/INR Transactions

24. What is the minimum XRP I can trade?

The minimum XRP you can trade is 100 XRP.

25. What is the minimum INR that I can deposit/withdraw?

The minimum amount for INR deposit is Rs 10000. Smaller deposits will be credited once they total this amount.

26. What is the minimum XRP I can withdraw a time?

The minimum XRP that you can withdraw is 1 XRP.

27. What is the trading fees?

The trading fee is 1%

28. What time will it take for my INR withdrawals to get credited into my bank account?

Your INR withdrawals will be transferred to your bank account via NEFT in three batches,at 10 AM, 1 PM and 5 PM. If your trade happens after 5 PM, your INR will be credited on the next business day.

29. How do you identify that the INR transferred to BTCXIndia is from my bank account?

- IMPS transfer: Identified using your mobile number

- -NEFT Transfer: Identified by your name

30. Can I transfer funds using UPI?

No. We do not accept INR transfer via UPI.

31. Can I use my credit/debit card to transfer INR to BTCXIndia?

No. We do not accept credit/debit cards.

32. Can I transfer INR to BTCXIndia through cash deposit at a bank?

No. Cash deposit at a bank is not accepted. You should only transfer your INR via NEFT/IMPS through your registered bank account with BTCXIndia.

33. How can convert my XRP to INR?

Go to: BTCXIndia.com>Trade>Sell XRP. Your INR will be credited to your registered bank account.

34. How can I convert my INR to XRP?

After you trade INR for XRP, go to: BTCXIndia.com>Wallet>Withdrawal. You can withdraw your XRP from there.

35. Can I cancel my order? What are the charges?

You can cancel your order and no charges will be levied.

36. When I sell my XRP, what time will it take for the INR to get transferred to my bank account?

The amount is dispatched in three batches by NEFT at 10 AM, 1 PM and 5 PM. If the trade takes place after 5 PM your amount will be credited on the next business day.

37. Why are the orders highlighted with colour in the Live Order book?

- Light blue color indicates a buyer. Pale red indicates a seller. Please note that volumes above 200 ripples will only be highlighted in color in the order book.